New jerseys bedevil NHL fans' fashion sense

After Adidas was named the official NHL outfitter for the 2017-18 season, the hockey community was waiting in anticipation for the release of a new style of jerseys. 

Adidas, which took over from Reebok after 10 years, has redesigned all 31 jerseys — both home and away versions. 

Hockey fans had mixed reactions. 

Here’s a condensed version on what the hockey Twittersphere thinks about its new jersey designer:

“Same, same but different?”

Some fans think the new jerseys look the same as the old.

“I can’t even…”

Usually the reveal of jerseys is like Christmas morning for hockey fans, but for many it was like waking up to coal in their stockings. 

“Turn up!”

But many appreciated the new design. 

“Bro…can I get my old jersey back?”

The Nashville Predators got a lot of love for their team’s — and city’s fans — run to the Stanley Cup final, but their new jersey seemed to get the most criticism. 

“New jersey, eh?”

If the NHL hasn’t yet learned that Canadian fans don’t like change, here’s a reminder from Flames, Senators and Oilers fans.

“Vegas, baby!”

And making their grand entrance into the NHL arena, the Vegas Golden Knights.

The jersey was met with mixed reaction: