'KUWTK': Kourtney Kardashian Reveals What First Attracted Her to Boyfriend Younes Bendjima

Later in the episode, Kim met up with Scott to talk about his Cannes shenanigans, which she mocked him for during last week’s episode.

However, Scott says what he did during the French film festival shouldn’t have made Kourtney mad, because he came off looking worse than her in the press.

“Look at it from my perspective. She was on vacation with one man, for a whole trip. That looks like a happier scenario than me, jumping around trying to find happiness and these girls are not fulfilling that,” Scott rationalized. “I’m just not happy with anybody.”

“Honestly, I think it’s beyond the girls at this point. I think if you found someone you were happy with, Kourtney would be happy for you,” Kim explained. “But she sees you out and really drinking and really going through it. She had concerns.”

“Sometimes I just feel kind of insecure,” Scott admitted. “Like, if Kourtney met somebody, fell in love, got married and then everyone’s like, ‘Eh, we have a new Scott. We don’t really need to be close with him anymore.’ …It’s a scary thing for me.”

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