EXCLUSIVE: Nikki Bella Says She Would 'Totally' Do 'Dancing With the Stars,' Reveals Wedding Dress Details

“You would kill it!” Nikki’s sister, Brie Bella, yelled. 

“I would,” Nikki agreed. “I mean, if they ever wanted me to, and there was time to do it, I think I totally would.” 

“I hope I wouldn’t embarrass myself,” she added, before pitching that Brie and her husband, Daniel Bryan, join the cast as well. “We can have our own dancing with the wrestlers in a room.” 

“Could you imagine our faces when one would get a higher number than the other one?” Brie asked. “We’d be like, ‘Ugh!'”

A source told ET last week that Nikki had joined the cast of the ABC dancing show, though last Monday, Nikki said she’d still have to talk to her fiance, John Cena, about the decision. 

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