EXCLUSIVE: Eugene Simon Talks ‘The Lodgers’ and His ‘Game of Thrones’ Death

Your death is part of one of the most epic moments of the series. Does it feel like a badge of honor? Do you take pride in going out like that?

Well, first of all, the feeling as an actor, if you’re given a death as fortunate, it’s gratitude for the ride you’ve had so far. They gave me a death that will always be visibly and also audibly very spectacular. The music was absolutely excellent. I thought it was one of the best bits of the entire scene.

As far as what it has done for me, there’s no way I can fully articulate my gratitude. My last day was spent with fake blood all over my underpants, covered in my own sweat and spattered from head to toe in bat crap, cuz the corridor was as long as it looked and was inhabited by a colony of bats. That was my last day on the wonderful adventure that was Game of Thrones — covered in blood, sweat and shit. And I could not have been happier.

You put your new film, Resonance, on Kickstarter to get funded. What’s it like to put yourself out there like that and ask fans to fund this project?

The Kickstarter crowd-funding process makes the relationship with your fans and the people you’re asking to support you very personal. You’re asking them to come on the journey with you. One of the reasons Marcos Efron, the writer and director, and I felt a video was very important [is] because this is a labor of real love that everyone on board this film that we’ll shoot in October is feeling. I love the Kickstarter process because it demands authenticity and honesty and enthusiasm and passion and also risk-taking. I don’t pretend it’s not scary to have to put yourself on the line like that… You want to do right by everyone who has contributed to it. 

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