'Bachelor in Paradise': Jasmine Drives Christen to Tears After Fierce Confrontation — But Did She Go Too Far?

The Bachelor castoff found herself in a fierce confrontation with newcomer Christen, after the virgin (she assured us she still was one at the beginning of the episode) asked Matt out on a date — and he said yes.

“Why’d you ask Matt? Because what I got when we sat down, it was like, ‘You and Matty!’ Like, you knew!” Jasmine yelled as Christen stood there, brushing her teeth like a deer in headlights. “Let’s be 100 percent, Christen. You knew me and Matt had a thing, which is fine, but I’m just saying it kind of sounded like BS when [you asked him on a date]… it seemed a little sneaky and slimy.”

The tense interaction drove Christen to tears, as she confided in Raven that she didn’t “want to hurt her feelings.” 

“I’m in a rock and a hard place,” Christen cried, as Jasmine continued to slam her to the camera (and other contestants feared that Jasmine might “put her in a chokey”). 

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