2 Janes chicken products recalled due to salmonella

Janes Pub Style Chicken Burgers and Pub Style Snacks Popcorn Chicken have been recalled because of possible salmonella contamination, as part of an investigation of an illness outbreak.

The burgers carry a best before date of May 12, 2018, with UPC code 0 69299 12491 0 and the popcorn chicken May 15 with UPC code 0 69299 12542 9, with both in the 800-gram size. The frozen food products were sold at stores across Canada.

Janes Pub Style Popcorn Chicken

The products were recalled as part of an investigation into a salmonella outbreak. (CFIA)

The recalled products should be thrown out or returned to the store where they were purchased.

In its food recall warning, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said the recall was triggered by findings during an investigation of a foodborne illness outbreak. It did not say if there were cases of illness directly related to these products.

13 cases of salmonella poisoning

The Public Health Agency of Canada is also involved in the investigation.

Last month the agency issued a notice it was investigating 13 cases of salmonella infection in eastern Canada, including Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

The Public Health Agency warned that salmonella is commonly found in raw chicken, and that all chicken should be fully cooked in order to make it safe to eat.

The investigation is continuing, says the CFIA, and that could lead to more recalls.

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